The Hunting Capital project aims to base the online reservation of all kinds of hunting and the consequent promotion of national hunting.

With this online platform, disclosure of the game offerings, soliciting new clients for owners and simplifying the entire process of purchasing scheduling of the hunt, either to the owner or to the Hunter.

This platform aims to provide hunts throughout the national territory. Hunting in the area covered by the Mértola-hunting Capital, will be catalogued as hunts for excellence and are especially highlighted. It is the task of this project the municipality of Mértola and the recent disclosure named Capital of Hunting.

The Hunting Capital is available 12 hours per day and 7 days a week and allows anyone to book a hunt of a quick, convenient and practical. This web platform is available in 3 languages, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

With this platform, the user have the possibility of a single web site can compare prices, information about tourist reservations, geographic locations, species slaughtered and annual statistics for Hunter, as well as all relevant information so that the Hunter can decide which one best fits your interests.

On the same web site, also offers a tool that allows you to make immediately the markup of the hunt, through the various payment methods available. It becomes so much more comfortable and practical for the user the entire process of purchasing a hunting, thus avoiding, numerous phone calls to each owner to collect all the information which is available in a single location.

In addition to these advantages, all the user acquiring a hunt on this website, will be associated with luncheon vouchers in several restaurants and accommodation.

Still has the possibility to enjoy a significant discount, every two hunts reserved.

For some specific hunting, the Hunting Capital, through countless tourist partners, offers you the possibility to associate the hunt a professional photographer to record every moment on video and photography of their hunting day. Offers you also the possibility of booking for the same day of the hunt, visits/activities tourist (boat trips on the river Guadiana, with history and other courses), for the family/friends that accompany it, enjoy a wonderful morning while running your morning of hunting.

The Hunting Capital also has a search engine and filtering fields, which facilitates the search of the hunt that you want to find.

The Hunting Capital throws him the challenge of researching the best hunting, reserve it and enjoy everything a hunting day has to offer.